official Documents

1. Visa Application

China Student Visa is for students who secured an admission into university in China or college to pursue Degree/Master/PhD programs or even learn Chinese language for a semester / year / or short term like the summer

The China Student Visa is categorize into 2 major main types, known as X1 and X2

  • The X1 Visa is issued to students whose study with university irrespective of their course and also covering a duration longer than 6 months (>180days)

  • The X2 Visa is issued to students if their intended time of stay is less than 6 months (<180days)

X1 visa holders have multiple entries which means they can enter, leave and re-enter China legally any time of the duration of the Visa

The X1 student visa also require holders to register with the Public Safety Bureau within the 30 days of arrival in China in order to secure a valid resident permit as a replacement for the X1 Visa.

The X2 student visa usually issued with a single entry notation valid up to 6 months. Holders of the X2 Visa need to apply for a new visa if need to re-enter China.

Documents needed:

  1. Passport (have at least 12-18 months validity period to expiry)
  2. Completed Visa Application Form
  3. JW201 or JW202 form from Ministry of Education in China (issued by the university)
  4. Official Admission letter
  5. 2 inch Passport Photo with white background
  6. Health Certificate (only X1 applicants)

Sample of JW201/JW202 (Form is issued by the university)

2.Medical Examination

International students who hold the X1 student visa in China need to undertake a medical examination. Some universities require students to submit these documents during their application, others will inspect it on arrival.

There is only one hospital in Malaysia that health examination is approved by China, Tung Shin Hospital

What type of diseases are checked?

  • Influenza, Poliomyelitis, Malaria, Dengue fever,Replapsing fever, Epidemic typhus HIV and AIDS, Hepatitis B, Plague, Cholera and other infectious diseases.

NOTE: There might be extra procedures that need to be done due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please confirm with the foreign students office of your university if return to campus is being confirm.

3.Residence Permit

Foreign students studying in China should use Visa X1/X2 to enter China and apply for, within 30 days of entry after taking health examination, residence permit to the Division of Exit-Entry Administration of Beijing Public Security Bureau. The residence permit shall be valid for no more than 1 year within the validity period of the passport.

Documents needed

  1. Valid passport and visa
  2. JW201/JW202 form
  3. Health certificate
  4. Admission letter
  5. 2inch photo (white background)
  6. Residence Permit Application form
  7. Cash