Attached Associations


The Chinese Lion Dance is one of the fine traditional cultural arts originated from the ancient Chinese folk dance. Chinese Lion Dance Troop in Malaysia has developed over the years and incorporated numerous local characteristics in the Chinese Lion Dance. AMSIB’s Chinese Lion Dance Troop has a flexible practice timetable. Our practice area is located in the Malaysian Embassy. We performed at various AMSIB and other commercial events around the year. We hope to see you in our team in the following year, no relevant experience required.


AMSIB Dance Club was founded in year 2007.  Our main activities are Malaysia Food Festival, Malaysia Cultural Festival, ASEAN Night and so on. We were also invited to perform in different places around China. A wide variety of dances were performed in the past such as Malay dance, Indian dance, Chinese dance, Modern dance etc. Please note that usual practice is set once a fortnight but extra practice will be needed before performances. What are you waiting for? Come and join us!


The AMSIB Choir practices and performs popular Malaysian songs as well as popular contemporary music from China and the rest of the world. The choir often performs with accompaniment, wearing costumes aligned with the song’s themes, giving the listeners a dose of Malaysia’s enthusiasm. We have been active performing in most of AMSIB’s activities and events.


AMSIB has issued quarterly/annual publications from time to time, which was first published in 2004. These publications named “The Voice of Beijing” are mainly used to introduce the summary of the activities of AMSIB, and also to provide an opportunity for the students to show their talents. We believe that the form of physical communication can be preserved and is of commemorative value. It is also hoped that through this publication, more outsiders will know the lives of Malaysian students studying in Beijing.